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John R. A. Smith local Author & Wildlife Artist. I can be contacted via email at Thank you. 


John R A Smith - Author & Artist.

Before I continue allow me to introduce myself. It is on my heart to serve regardless of my situation and in God I place my trust.

I seek to honour God in all that I do, be it in my art and book writing or daily living, and bring the LOVE of Christ alive in peoples hearts.

As well as using an electric wheelchair for my mobility I was born dyslexic yet refuse to allow it to hold me back. In many ways dyslexia is a silent unnoticed disability, yet to a degree it can be overcome.

So, I apologise in advance for errors that will be found in my books.

I am simply a Christian, 

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, and member of the Lord's body, the church, as described in the New Testament. In view of our Lord's prayer for unity (Jn 17:20-21), and the apostle Paul's condemnation of division (1Co 1:10-13).

These days I worship in the Highbridge Church of England, and I find great love, friendship and sincerity of heart in those seeking God's kingdom, but still I refer to myself as a Christian in God's Kingdom, yet not in anyway condemning any denominations, as they are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who in their own way Love and follow Jesus. I only request from my heart we all put the love of God first as we seek first the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. 

Although these days I am retired if one can ever retire in God's service, yet, In my youth I've been blessed to serve as a Pastor and youth leader of the gospel for over thirty years, working with churches made up of individuals who are likewise simply Christians. However please allow me to express my interpretation of the name Pastor. In my ministry I have strove through the Holy Spirits guidance and anointing to build bridges of non judgmental friendship, and living and working among those society prefer to call rejects. i.e. drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless, run away teenagers. the lost and the lonely.

I guided (Shepherded them as the Holy Spirit led) also ran a Drop in Centre, also visiting squats and areas of deprivation, at times facing hostility and from some rejection. in this work some came to love God and gave their lives, while others rejected the hand of friendship. It involved prison visiting, feeding those in need, clothing them and living by example yet keeping my eyes focused on Christ Jesus.

This poem I wrote should hopefully describe the feeling from those I served in my ministry during this work.

Do you know me.

Do you know the depth of my mind beyond which point there is no return?

Have you ever been there?

To what depth must I suffer before I receive healing. Can your Jesus heal. Can you prove to me he is real?

Or is he just another illusion beyond reach. There for the rich and powerful but not for me, and in name only, holding me back from ever being free.

To where do the dead and the lost look beyond the grave.

Do you suffer as I do? Do you think your Jesus knows who I am, or would he even care?

Would you. Can he reach the darkest depth of my mind and look inside? What would he see.

Would it be the same filth as on my outside from living on the road, or would your Jesus see the real me, crying and wanting to be free, scared and in need of love, rejected and alone.

Just what would you see. Would it bring fear and rejection, or an open hand with love? Could you clothe and feed me and take me into a place of warmth.

Can your Jesus heal my broken mind? Can he hear my soul as it cries out, lost and confused, scared of drowning in its own sins? And am I beyond reach or his love, am I still to be on my own.

Do you see me from the same eyes as society? Can you see the shadow of my past haunting my every move, and destroying every new relationship from fear, a reflection of a life gone by, and a mind so twisted and confused, it is weeping in pain?

Can you reach out and heal my hurt, cast out my demons and fears, and heal the pain from so many years of rejection.

Will your Jesus heal me and take me as I am, hungry, confused, and in mental pain, needing a friend to love me and a place to lay my head? Or will you and your Jesus be like all the others from years gone by, and pass me by, as if I am unseen, condemned to damnation for past sins, and already judged, rejected and alone.

By John R A Smith. Such love Ministry

I try to honour God in my Art, Books and Service. Do I fail at times? Yes, although I am a child of God born again through Christ Jesus and born of the Spirit of God, and adopted into His family.

I make mistakes. like Peter the apostle I often get it wrong, yet God knows my heart, I am far from perfect and have made mind blowing mistakes, in my eyes and way of thinking I do not deserve a single drop of God's grace, love and forgiveness.

Yet in His mercy, love and grace, God, He, gave me an ocean of living water in forgiveness, through the atonement of Christ Jesus. Acts 4: 12. 

In my service and calling, I place my trust in Him, should you want to learn more then seek first God, and the Holy Spirit will guide you, or talk to me or others like the missionaries, who should you require  help and guidance will visit you.

Email me for such a visit at: 

Finally can I please ask for your prayer support in this ministry, and for the various challenges I myself face now requiring an electric wheelchair for my main mobility and limitations with my health. I still want to SERVE as God guides. I believe God is reaching out and bringing His people together in this area, and whose hearts are reaching out to SERVE IN THE COMMUNITY. Bringing Christ into the community, going out into the community, discovering their needs, And through THE HOLY SPIRIT acting on it as God guides.

Opening up little used resources, buildings, becoming a part of the community yet keeping our eyes on Christ Jesus, showing we care, showing LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, and bringing Christ alive by example, BUILDING BRIDGES of FRIENDSHIP. SERVING AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD GUIDES.

Also Pray please for my family and also those in need of support and God's hand upon their lives. Many do not know Jesus as we do, nor do they understand the grace and love, or the price paid for their salvation. We are not here or called to Preach, but SERVE.

Strive for Humility, Integrity, Empathy, Generosity and non- judgemental Love, have Hope and faith and keep your eyes on Jesus.

Pray for the children, youth and young adults, and those the Holy Spirit is leading us too, draw nearer to God, seek Him and open your heart and talk too Him, he loves you and is reaching out, allow Christ to work through you

Look at your life and ask God to work through you for His glory reaching out to others and pointing the way in love and service to Jesus. Bring Jesus alive in the communities hearts, Feed the poor, help those in need, Todays society do not want religion, they NEED and want LOVE, HOPE, and know you care reaching out to them.

Many have told me that the church in general has lost its way, being judgemental, religious, full of pomp and interested in the wrong things, ask yourself if Christ Jesus was to visit you or your area this day, what would he honestly from the heart find? Would you or your church be like the saints who have the Spirit of God working and reaching out through them, and bringing Jesus alive to the poor and those in need.

Or would Jesus find the church as it was in His day, walking past the wounded on the other side of the road?

A small example of some of my work.