Wildlife at Heart Art 
John R. A. Smith - Somerset Wildlife Artist

Builders of Bridges of Friendship & Love - Live a Life of Love: John R. A. Smith.








A Study on Eyes.


At Rest - First stage. 

As above - work in progress.

Just having fun.

Tiger Cub.

Above - Mothers Love  - Original Artwork 

My I do not want to sell price £2,200.00

My Wild at Heart - Art 


The Bond of Love.

Relaxing with a friend

Please feel free to enquire into the selling price should the work still be available.

Original artwork depending on time and material usually starts at £200.00 and for a canvas print signed if you require full size start at £125.00 - smaller canvas prints varry in price.

I am not special in any way, my artwork is modest at best and thereapy for me during my

time of illness.

I have also been seeking to be of benefit to our community, and assist as I can, although considering my physical restrictions of

 mobility, it can limit me  in supporting and raising much needed funds for a variety of community projects by 

selling my

Artwork and greeting cards to raise these funds.


I am finding it difficult to access properties and gain a path to a front door

simply as my electric wheelchair cannot cope with steps,

in simple truth I have received no support or interest from the community

in aiming to raise One Thousand Pounds to hopefully have given to good community causes.

As such I have since withdrawn the offer and will support in private as I can.



My artwork will later be offered for sale with between 50% and possibly up to 100% of the profit being given directly to

a work of charity or within our local community. Possibly to support Wild Life or work on the church, or in the local community as the community leaders deam it required.


In the past, such causes as providing funding towards clean pumped drinking water for a village in Africa. 

Educational material for a school in India.

Helping a church in Glastonbury and another church in Martock in Somerset where they sought to serve the 

community, plus other good causes.

Friends Dog - Please excuse the reflection on the photo

A Bad Hair Day.

John R. A. Smith - Somerset Wildlife Artist

Below is a small sample of some of my artwork mostly from The Wild-at-Heart-Collection, although a few others have crept in over time.


Some of my work is now also used to create patterns and full 

embroidery or Cross-stitch Kits

visit the Art to Cross Stitch Page.

I do hope and Pray you enjoy my work.

Play Time

Original Artwork donated to Royal British Legion to auction for their Poppy Appeal a few years back

A Mothers Love

I have been working on this one for a time and feel there is no more I can do to it

Inspired by a Photograph and adapted from Pinterest.

Protective Love

Spot the mistake - I was tired and forgot to define an ear from the body.

Innocent Fun.

Brotherly Love.

Did someone say Food.


The Hunt

I have tried to keep this artwork as near as possible to the original Photo by Harry Schindler from Pinterest.

Background merged Pastel softened and layered - Tiger Coloured Pencil.

My version 'Water Colour' of the famous 'Hand Cart Disaster Painting - True West Magzine. - Apolgy if I have violated a Copy Law - Although this is my version using water colour and artistic interpretation. 

Art is Therapy for me to help me overcome pain and other challenges in my life. 

My very humble attempt at painting the London Temple.



At Rest

LOVE - The Living Waters of Life



Tender Love

The Agony of Death.


Title : - Enraged


In Blue Peter Style

One I did earlier and offered my good friend and talented artist - Linda J Lewis Armstrong

Access to draw from my artwork - although to be honest

Linda's artwork is far above my skills.




John R. A. Smith

I can be contacted via email at j[email protected] 

Thank you. 

For my other Art Work visit page 2.


A small example of some of my work.




I Created this at a Time of Relaxing 


Fox Family


Fox Family - Inspired by Pinterest Photo


Fox Family - Inspired by Pinterest Photo

Fox Family - Inspired by Pinterest Photo

Watering Hole - I would love to view this as a full size Cross Stich


A Gift To A Friend


Practice session. - Inspired by Pinterest Photo


Digital Art

Inspired by Star Trek

Following my Elephant collection


Multi media mostly pastel & colored Pencil

My Love of Wildlife.

Inspired by a Photo From Pinterest


Coloured Pencil - Denman - Faber-Castell



A Study of Owls



A Comission work some years ago



Casual Art

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A mile stone for me as my eyes are not so good these days.


Cottage along Manor Road


This demonstrates the template process

First I take a photograph and edit it making modest changes


Sketch of above


Sketch of home just past corner East Street and on Manor Road


The Manor


Rendered Sketch.

Manor Gardens


A Beautiful Chocolate Box set of Cottages




A30 Nr Post Office


Home in Church Street



My First Try  

Below original Photograph

This is the original photograph I took

As I wanted to create as near to how I imagine the building would look

I removed the car - sign - lamp post - wires - large pole and so much more


Arms House.

Next to Post Office on A30



Corner of East Street and Maor Road

As Above.


A30 Corner house.


East Street

Red Willow

A Beautiful Home in East Street West Coker

Red Willow Sketch


Our Local Doctors Surgery - Sketch

Clive Seatons Home - Sketch

Clive Seatons Home - Sketch

Clive Seatons Home - Sketch


Our local Butchers & Post Office


Wild at Heart Collection

separate from the West Coker Art. 


Multi media including Caron d Ache coloured Pencils

Multi media including Caron d Ache coloured Pencils


Paper used was Carson Mi-Teintes for Pastel 160g/m although I used Faber-Castel coloured Pencils and Caran d Ache for the white




Nag - Nag - Nag



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Multi Media - Watercolour - Acrylic - Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle Colour Pencils


Could do with a reframe


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wild-at-heart-collection pine martin portrait
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wild-at-heart-collection fox portrait
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wild-at-heart-collection red squirrel portrait
wild-at-heart-collection lioness portrait
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