Wildlife Artist


Holiness to the Lord

My Heart is in Serving & Local Outreach

and in

Supporting Our Local Community.

For me and my household,

we will serve the Lord.

Thank you to all those who recently contacted me.

Sadly due to health situations I apologise in advance that for a time I am unable to continue with my artwork.

John R A Smith Wildlife Artist

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My Books

Please be gracious enough to accept my illness and disabilities.

My book writing has been like my art, a means of therapy and of focusing my mind away from

mental and physical pain.

Although most of these books are now out of Print or withdrawn.

Dyslexia is also an unseen hidden disability which I have refused to hold me down,

I have a passion for art and expressing myself in my writing.

Yes, there are spelling and grammatical errors in my work, and as such, I am occasionally refered to rather

unkindly as a hick.

Although those who love and know me, and have been with me while understanding my battles.

They usually smile, and remind people

that they missed out that I am a hick on wheels. As my electric wheelchair is

my main mobility aid.

I am also diagnosed with Depression which these days is classed as a Mental Illness, but then, as are one in four of

all people at some stage in their lives, however I am encouraged to talk about

this rather than bottle up stress and becoming depressed.

For many years I have used my artwork as a means to support the local community and worthy good causes.

While buildingbridges of friendship from all walks in life

including the LGBT community.

I am no one special, simply someone trying to get by, rebuilding my life while dealing with my illness

and disability and in been a 24/7 care person

for my 96-year-old deaf and blind mother, and in

trying to honor God in all that I do, and that includes

everything that I am.

Father God knows my heart.

Email: - [email protected] 

A small sample of Poundbury Art. A Touch of Love.

Artwork now SOLD

A Touch of Love

Watering Hole -

Most of my artwork can take 200 hours or more to create.

My artwork is therapy for me during my

time of illness.


In the past, your support has enabled such causes as providing funding towards clean pumped drinking water for a village in Africa

via The Street Friends Society.

Educational material for a school in India via Pastor Kelton, from Highbridge.

Helping a church in Glastonbury and another church in Martock in Somerset where they sought to serve the

community, plus so much more, and now I aim to gift funds as available

to aid the local community in Poundbury and Dorchester.

John R. A. Smith


Below is a small sample of some more of my artwork


Some of my work is now also used to create patterns and full

embroidery or Cross-stitch Kits

visit the Art to Cross Stitch Page.

I do hope and Pray you enjoy my work.


John R. A. Smith

I can be contacted via email at

[email protected]

Thank you.

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An Old Friend 


Multi Media - Watercolour - Acrylic - Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle Colour Pencils