Wildlife at Heart Art Collection
John R. A. Smith - Dorset Wildlife Artist

Builders of Bridges of Friendship & Love - Live a Life of Love: John R. A. Smith.

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Wildlife at Heart Collection – John R A Smith


Local Dorset Artist John R. A. Smith – Wild at Heart Collection. All my artwork these days is created by using photographs as an inspirational template as in part discussed in Marjolein Kruijt’s book – Drawing and Painting Animals with Expression – page 34.

On receiving a photograph, I often prefer to use artistic licence in preparing in my mind how I would like to create a work of art and then set about creating this using whatever material at hand. These could be anything from ink, pencil, pastels, computer, chalk to acrylic. Or most often my preferred medium is coloured pencils or a combination of part of all the above.

Each individual creation of art can then be used to create prints, greeting cards or patterns for embroider and cross-stitch. Once the template is created, the work of art can then be started and hopefully a representation of life is brought into each work of art or creation.

My artwork will later be offered for sale with between 50% and possibly up to 100% of the profit been given directly to a work of charity or within a local community.

In the past like such causes as providing funding towards clean pumped drinking water for a village in Africa. Educational material for a school in India. Helping a church in Glastonbury and another church in Martock in Somerset where they sought to serve the community, plus other good causes.

This way it cuts out the middle person and you know 50% or more of the profit from your purchase is used where it is most needed.

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